Expert Advice Services

Cargo Inspections

Cargo Inspections: Inspection service for cargo transported by sea in dry and refrigerated containers and in conventional containers; or transported by air or land.

Cargo Shipborne Examinations

Cargo Shipborne Examinations: Checkup service of bagged or bulk cargoes on ships at the Ports of Cape Verde; Inspection of loading conditions in the Ship's hold.

Sealing and Detaching of Ships' hold

Sealing and Detaching of Ships' hold: Sealing and/or Detaching Service of Ships' hold for loading and unloading in other Territories.

Draft Survey (Inicial e Final)

Draft Survey (Initial and Final): Calculation of bulk quantities at the beginning and end of ship unload.

P&I Condition Survey

P & I Condition Survey: General Inspection of Ships for certification and insurance purposes in P&I Clubs.

Inspections of General Cargo

Inspections of General Cargo: Inspection Service of insured cargoes at National and International Insurance Companies.

Hull and Machenary

Hull and Machinery: Hull Inspection Service and Ship Machinery.

Bunkering Survey

Bunkering Survey: Fuel Supply Control Service on Ships.

Remarks: All expert advice services will be complemented with issued Final Report, Photographic Report as well as all support documentation required.