Freight Forward Services

Reception, Expedition and Delivery of cargo by sea, air and land.

Logistics and shipping services for all Cape Verde Islands and abroad.

Container transport and freight delivery services to your doorstep.

We take full responsibility for paperwork formalities and procedures required for the operations of reception, dispatch, movement and transportation of cargo in the main ports of Cape Verde. We plan and control the carrying of your merchandise to its final destination.

Customs Clearance and Customs Business Coordination

Dealing with Insurance Bonds at Insurance Companies, for the purposes of Customs Exemption in temporary imports.

Issuance and coordination of the TCE (Foreign Trade Permit) in the Directorate of Commerce for the import of goods.

Issuance and coordination of all requests for Sanitary Import Permits with the MDR (Rural Development Ministry) and coordination of the respective Sanitary Inspections.

Coordination of Customs Clearances through our partnerships with Customs Brokers.

Issuance and coordination of T.N. (National Transit), for shipments of cargo liable to customs duties.

Transport and deconsolidation of containers in the customer’s warehouse.

Ship Chandler Services (supply of vessels)

Supply of food and non-food products to ships docked in the Ports of Cape Verde, mainly in the Ports of Mindelo in the island of São Vicente, in Praia in Santiago and Palmeira in the island of Sal.

Deliveries may be made on board docked or anchored ships. We have equipment and qualified personnel to satisfy the requirements of all of our clients. We can also arrange transportation of the products by speedboat or other boat, if requested.

Expert Advice Services

Cargo Inspections: Inspection service for cargo transported by sea in dry and refrigerated containers and in conventional containers; or transported by air or land.

Cargo Shipborne Examinations: Checkup service of bagged or bulk cargoes on ships at the Ports of Cape Verde; Inspection of loading conditions in the Ship’s hold.

Sealing and Detaching of Ships’ hold: Sealing and/or Detaching Service of Ships’ hold for loading and unloading in other Territories.

Draft Survey (Initial and Final): Calculation of bulk quantities at the beginning and end of ship unload.

P & I Condition Survey: General Inspection of Ships for certification and insurance purposes in P&I Clubs.

Inspections of General Cargo: Inspection Service of insured cargoes at National and International Insurance Companies.

Hull and Machinery: Hull Inspection Service and Ship Machinery.

Bunkering Survey: Fuel Supply Control Service on Ships.

Remarks: All expert advice services will be complemented with issued Final Report, Photographic Report as well as all support documentation required.

Assistance Services

Assistance to ships and their crew: Assistance service for boarding and disembarking of crew members and repatriation in cases of accidents on board ships; assistance to the Captain of the ship in cases of claims, dispute of interests, seizure and liberation of ships, provision of legal assistance.

Assistance to P & I Clubs, Insurance Companies, Ship-owners, Charterers and Shipping Agents: This activity involves all our services upon request, in the interests of the applicant.


We represent several partners here in Cape Verde and abroad, regarding the services of Ship chandlers, Freight Forwarders, Expert advice and Assistance.

We are internationally registered as P & I Correspondents in Cape Verde for services of Assistance to Long-haul Ships and their crew in cases of breakdowns and/or accidents.

We have already participated in the FIC (International Fair of Cape Verde) in 2016 presenting our Freight Forwarding services portfolio.