Who We Are

Our History

Intercontinental Cabo Verde Agency is a Company founded by the partners Amílcar Ramos, Bruno Faial, Clandia Lopes and Marco Rodrigues.

The company was officially registered on May 1st, 2016, in the Registries of the São Vicente Region.

Its members are young people closely linked by bonds of friendship, with a performance of more than 10 years of experience acquired from working for another company, which makes this company an open and effective company, meeting the requirements of both national and international markets.

The company’s headquarters are located on the island of São Vicente in Mindelo, Rua Senador Vera Cruz. It also has a Delegation in the island of Santiago with an office in Lem Ferreira, Rua Pedonal, porta número 8, in the city of Praia. The company has representations in the other islands of Cape Verde, individuals and/or companies, which means that the company reaches all the islands of the Cape Verdean Archipelago.

Regarding our service network (see services), the company currently represents several Foreign Partners in Cape Verde.

The main goal of this company is to carry out a project related to provision of services related to maritime and air activities, in the control and planning of transport operations and delivery of goods, to meet and satisfy our clients and partners here in Cape Verde and abroad, with a service ruled by quality and efficiency. We also want to develop our services with ethics, rigour and responsibility so that we can become a strong competitor within our market.


Providing services in the areas of Ship chandler (supply), Freight Forwarding, Consulting (expert advice), Maritime Field Assistance, Customs Clearances, meeting the needs of our clients and partners at both national and foreign levels.


Grow so as to become a leader in providing referenced services within our market, and from generation to generation continue to enrich our core business activity.


The company is guided by values of professionalism, competence, credibility, efficiency and responsibility.

Our Team

Clândia Lopes


Amilcar Ramos

Assistant Manager

Bruno Silva


Romilson Firmino


Elvis Borges